Mechanical Repairs

Autologic is a most comprehensively equipped BMW workshop.
Rather than wasting money on cappuccino machines, Italian tiles and New Zealand wool carpets, and all the other "glamour" items employed by BMW dealers to hide the the workshop from view (.......it's a no go zone) we would rather place this money into the functionality of our workshop.
This is because Dealers sell cars, not care for them, there is no incentive for dealers to maintain your car in the long term as the degradation associated with less than adequate 
service levels is good incentive for you to buy a new car.
On the other hand Autologic is highly workshop oriented without million dollar space being too valuable for the vast array of equipment and tools required to properly maintain your 
At Autologic we can perform tasks from hand making from flat sheet a body panel no longer available right through to reprogramming the newest BMW car ‘s software and everything in 
This not only means that far less is subcontracted out but also that the knowledge of the repair process is maintained at a very high level.
This knowledge is the basis for the retention of a broad knowledge base which not only causes more efficient repair but also more accurate diagnosis.
Further with the ongoing accumulation of this repair knowledge this benefits our customers by analytical diagnosis and in some cases the repair of suitable components rather than a 
regardless of cost replacement mentality.
The result is a properly programmed maintenance process maximizing the reliability of your car whilst being mindful of the cost.
There are no excuses for forbidding access to the workshop and at Autologic all customers are welcome in the workshop and we enjoy the opportunity to comprehensively explain what we 
are doing to your car in detail.
The bottom line is that unskilled people do not work on your car at Autologic and we have every tool available to assist in this process.
The moder BMW is constructed differently to previous generations of BMW cars and there is a heavy reliace on special tooling, Autologic has a vast range of BMW special tools with an 
active update program.

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