Electronic Analysis

Electronic diagnosis is a very important tool for analysis of BMW electronics especially as the systems have gained greater linkage between the various electronic modules with the DME unit at the heart of the drive system.

Autologic has the latest electronic fault code download and analytical systemsavailable along with a comprehensive document database to assist in the determination of electronic problems along with an in depth knowledge of the vehicle systems.
We utilize supportive diagnostic processes and equipment to support the the indications provided by the diagnostic fault code download system. That is we verify the fault and have the knowledge and tool set to do so.
In many cases faults observed are the same as faults previously noted and consequently customers benefit from the experience of previous diagnostic events.
This is a clear benefit of being a BMW only specialist.
In addition to this Autologic works on a much broader base of BMW model types and work is not limited to today's warranty problems.
Thus immediate recall of specific model repetitive faults is maintained not forgotten when a new model comes along.
Notwithstanding this evolution Electronic analysis is not a substitute for skilled technicians and thus should not be relied upon solely to determine any problems a system may have.

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