Pre-Purchase Inspections

The broad range of skills we have naturally are well exploited to your benefit at Autologic

Questions such as
•    Is the car the most suitable model for me
•    If previous damage has occurred should it exclude the car
•    If so how was it repaired and to what standard
•    What condition is the engine and other mechanical elements
•    What will the car be worth in 5 years
•    How much will it cost to finance
•    What is its current Value
•    Where do I seek finance and Insurance
•    Which Insurance companies should I avoid
•    What will be the cost of maintaining the car in peak condition
•    What level of maintenance is suitable for me
•    What do I need to be aware of with any particular model
•    Can I actively be involved and participate in the inspection
These questions and more are answered when you have a pre purchase inspection at Autologic

All faults and attributes are listed out prioritized and any fault rectification cost calculated

Thus a pre purchase inspection at Autologic is such that our customers have the most complete snapshot of their potential vehicle and the informed basis on which to make a proper decision of what to buy how much to pay and how long to keep a vehicle

In addition we are also pleased to offer paint film build analysis

This is the best way to determine any repainting or overcoating which has occurred and also allows us to determine the extent of fillers used in the repair of your prospective car

Given that we measure your paint film build in microns means that our pre purchase inspections are more accurate than ever or any alternative pre purchase inspection

It can be very revealing.

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