BMW servicing

Servicing at Autologic is performed to a high level and fully documented. Service documents and records are kept for each car permanently. The service procedures performed at Autologic have always surpassed

that recommended by BMW and today customers can elect to have their cars serviced either by the BMW recommended program or by an Autologic service level.
All car manufactures compete with each other to reduce the perception of the cost of ownership of new vehicles and thus service levels are reduced in order to diminish the perception of ownership cost. This process is one which one can get away with in the first two to three years of ownership.
As a car gets older so the service level needs to increase in order to compensate for any wear and/or deterioration in the vehicle, you will not get this at a BMW dealer!
At Autologic we are able to indicate what extra work and checks should be performed in order to keep the cost of ownership low whilst ensuring minimal wear and deterioration and maximum vehicle reliability. A BMW post 1992 build is subjected to only the factory recommended service levels then increased deterioration will occur as the vehicle becomes older. Pre 1992 BMW build cars on the other hand have adequate service levels dictated by the factory. The service costs for each BMW type are calculated by our service system and are available upon request. These service costs include all items....there is no "to be charged as an additional item" text on mandatory items on the Autologic service schedule.
This way you will know prior to service the cost of the standard service level.
Autologic only uses Genuine BMW Service parts.
We cannot stress too much that we only use genuine service parts inclusive of the fluids specified by BMW. This ensures that the components used to service your vehicle fall within stringent O.E.M. guidelines.
Upon pick up the person who performs the work will explain in detail what was done and discuss the entire status of your BMW. Autologic is about building long term relationships with its customers and appeals to those who seek a real and down to earth relationship with a complete facility where the emphasis is upon the BMW's and not upon self adulation. This becomes even more obvious when you realize the broad range
of skills available at Autologic.

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