About Us
The service procedures performed at Autologic have always surpassed that recommended by BMW and today customers can elect to have their cars serviced either by the BMW recommended program or by an Autologic service level.

As a car gets older so the service level needs to increase in order to compensate for any wear and/or deterioration in the vehicle, you will not get this at a BMW dealer!

At Autologic, we are able to indicate what extra work and checks should be performed in order to keep the cost of ownership low whilst ensuring minimal vehicle deterioration and maximum vehicle reliability.
We believe in preventative maintenance and strive for all customers vehicles to be cared for in the same manner as our own, equally we seek long term relationships with like minded people who are looking for a stable base of ability, communication, honesty and frankness.
We work frankly with our customers to our mutual end goal.
Given the number of years that Autologic has operated applying this ability and philosophy we are in a position where those skills are now highly developed, the ultimate benefit to cost and function are obvious.
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